A delusional new dogma


From: John Rupkey



Republicans recently replaced very conservative Liz Cheney with a moderate. She refused to believe the delusion that Trump requires her to believe. This signaled to all of us that something other than conservative thinking is required to be a good and acceptable Republican today.

This is similar to religion: If you don’t believe everything we want you to believe, we will excommunicate you. In fact, I believe Republicans arrived at this pathetic place precisely because the United States is a very religious country.

The essence of my traditional religious indoctrination was that we are the citadel of truth, so what we want you to believe is what you must want to believe. Only listen to people who think like us. Reject what people say who don’t believe what we believe. Once people get to the point where what they believe is determined by what they want to believe, confusion is replaced by the delusion of certainty. The indoctrination is then complete.

When people’s minds have been altered to believe whatever they want to believe regardless of objective evidence, their altered minds easily find all the evidence they need to justify their belief. They are then easily sucked into the world of a powerful narcissist who does nice things for them to make them feel good.

A clinical narcissist lives in a reality where what he wants to believe is exactly what he does believe. He can’t see his own lies, and those who dwell there with him can’t see his lies either.

Millions of Americans are now willing to sacrifice their God-given intelligence on Trump’s altar, because they have been programmed to really believe that truth is whatever they want it to be. This is today’s “infallible” Republican doctrine.

Truth will set you free; the delusion of truth will enslave you.


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