Walz radically wrong again


From: John Holiday



On April13, 2021, Gov. Walz announced new measures he would like Minnesota to adopt to further restrict police officers trying to enforce the law. The most damaging resolution would take the “qualified immunity” protection away. This leaves an officer personally liable. Not only could they be terminated, but conceivably lose their home, vehicle and savings in court. This is insane.

Presently, in most major cities residents are calling for more police presence, not less. But these people never get exposure. It’s only the activist types like AI Sharpton that are seen on TV.

Walz is a former teacher; the teacher union has a process described as “tenure,” which basically protects certain educators from termination, even the most incompetent ones.

So, Governor, let’s remove “tenure” from all your teacher union friends and force them to be personally responsible for all their education failures, of which there are many; let them lose their jobs, homes and savings.

Also your teacher friends are not dodging bullets, knives and other deadly experiences.

Governor, you showed how inept you are at handling any crisis, namely the COVID lockdown and last year’s Minneapolis riots, and now you are wrong again.


Editor’s note: Minnesota state law provides tenure rights to teachers.


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