A vote against equal rights from our congressman


From: Kathryn Jarvinen


On Wednesday, March 17,2021, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to remove the time limit on the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) by passing House Joint Resolution 17 with a vote of 222 “yeas” and 204 “nays.” The bill had bipartisan support with four Republicans voting “yea.” Women have endured 200 years of sex discrimination. Equality is long overdue. Equal rights should be constitutionally protected. The votes revealed a huge disappointment that our First Congressional Representative, Mr. James Hagedorn, voted “no.” It is hard to believe that he would vote no to extend the time limit for the ERA. Is that fair to the women in the First District? Mr. Hagedorn, do you think  women have a right to equality and that it should be part of our Constitution? I am again disappointed Representative Hagedorn does not support half of his constituents. What would prevent a representative from voting for equal rights for both sexes? I guess you would vote no to remove the time limit on the ERA if you do not value the contributions women make.


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