Open letter to Rep. Jim Hagedorn


From: Jim Gurley



Mr Hagedorn, you are in Washington to represent the people of southern Minnesota in Congress. As such, you took an oath to defend our precious democracy against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

You have failed us.

Confidence in our elections is absolutely necessary if we are to keep our precious democracy, which millions of Americans have died protecting. Yet you have cast doubt on the true winner of the election.

A violent mob invaded our Capitol on January 6 in an attempted coup. These people are enemies of our democracy. Yet you failed to support an investigation of how that happened.

Our democracy is not something that runs on autopilot; we must constantly be vigilant and work to protect it. Not only have you failed to do that, you have actively worked to destroy it by sowing doubt about the truth of the election. You are protecting the domestic enemies of the U.S.

Mr. Hagedorn, all evidence shows you to be a weak and craven politician. You are an embarrassing and dangerous affront to our country’s values. 

That is why the good people of southern Minnesota will send you packing in 2022.


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