Meyer’s thoughtful decision on jail


From: Charles Schollmeier



I am writing in response to Jaston Seeling’s letter to the editor in the Winona Post concerning Commissioner Meyer’s decision to fund a new jail. Seeling found fault in Meyer having emotions while struggling with her decision. Chris Meyer has spent most of her life supporting financially and volunteering hundreds if not thousands of hours with organizations that would benefit the less fortunate. People who know Chris would not be surprised that voting for a new jail was not only difficult but emotionally based on her caring, empathetic personality.

Commissioner Meyer puts hours of research looking for the facts on the many decisions county commissioners need to make. Her vote for a new jail was difficult, but based on the best interest of Winona County.

Chris ran for county commissioner because of the “kick the can down the road” mentality of several sitting county commissioners, whose main goal is to pass on to the next generation issues Winona County is facing now. I did not read one word for a better solution from Seeling dealing with people who break the law. Seeling states, “We can build a better Winona by divesting from carceral systems and investing in our own community.” I am all ears.


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