Another day in the Puppy Mill Capital of MN


From: Dan Nelson



When it comes to some news about rural Winona County, maybe some good news about something being approved to do with agriculture would make a great headline. Well, I guess not; instead yet another puppy mill has been approved. Or you can call it a commercial dog kennel like the Winona County Planning Commission does. I guess that’s supposed to make you feel better about what goes on with these places.

Winona County has definitely become the Puppy Mill Capital of Minnesota — good to be known for something, I guess. I went to the County Board meeting along with a few other good neighbors when the last puppy mill was approved. The neighbors that live within a few hundred feet spoke of the noise that these places make. It seemed like a few board members understood, but it didn’t matter in the end. You could tell it was going to be approved before anything was ever said. It’s hard to get someone to take the time to come to a meeting in the first place. Most people think it will do no good; it’s not too hard to believe no one showed or voiced a concern about this one.

At the last meeting the Amish even brought in some puppy mill promoter they know with a movie to show how wonderful it was going to be — very touching and it must have done the trick. Google something about puppy mills and try to find something touching. In the end, Commissioner Jacob proclaimed it provides income and the majority went alone with it.

If you have ever had to live next to someone with a dog that likes to bark, take that times 50 or whatever the number is, and see how you would like it. You can’t tell me one commissioner or anyone else would choose to live next to this. But then they live about as far away as you can get in the county from this, not much chance it’s headed there way.

This crap has nothing to do with agriculture, and the noise it creates when they are let out of their cages is terrible. I live within less than half a mile from a couple first-class dairy farms and have never heard a cow moo. I have a puppy mill a mile away and can hear dogs barking; I feel sorry for anyone who lives closer. Not to mention what it must do for your property value when you have had enough. I don’t enjoy writing this; I keep thinking someone will decide enough is enough and put an end to this in our county. But I guess not. Let’s see how many more we can get approved. After all it’s about providing income for these good folks.

I know you can’t lump everybody together that’s in this business, some may not be as bad as others but is this really what the county needs. Maybe you could at least have some respect for your neighbors or not.


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