Price carbon, receive dividends


From: Robert Tereba



Your life is busy. With working, raising the kids, paying the bills, and keeping up your home, your plate is full. You don’t have a lot of time to consider matters of public policy. Yet you have a nagging concern about what’s happening to the climate. The more frequent and intense wild fires and violent storms and the hotter summers and milder winters tell you something fundamentally is out of whack. You’re concerned about what type of world your children will inherit, yet you’re unsure about what should be done and what you can do. 

Scientists tell us one of the best things we can do, and right away, is stop burning fossil fuels. They emit carbon dioxide (CO2) which warms our planet and destabilizes our climate. And scientists and economists tell us the most efficient and effective way to eliminate CO2 emissions is to price carbon. 

Now this will mean that all goods and services made by burning fossil fuels will cost more.  Our household expenses will rise. To offset these higher expenses, we need to pair carbon pricing with a monthly carbon dividend paid to each U.S. household based on family size.

So please call Representative Jim Hagedorn, Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Senator Tina Smith and simply urge them to price carbon and pair it with monthly carbon dividend.

And, please, don’t call just once. Call once a month. Make it a habit. Call until we get a federal law that prices carbon and pairs it with a monthly carbon dividend. 

You’ll make a difference and your children will thank you. Let’s solve this together! Learn more at


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