O climate! My climate!


From: John Grattan


Our climate is a changing, unfortunately not for the better.

We need to contact Congress with our cell phones or a letter.

Let’s together work on this; mark this with an emphasis.


Do not delay; you can start today.

It’s easy to communicate what you need to say.


I support the Energy Innovation Act.

Here is a list of some of the facts.

An estimated 114,000 U.S. lives are lost each year due to carbon pollution.

Now is the time for a new solution. 

In the first 12 years, we can reduce emissions by 40 percent,

if our efforts are truly focused with the right intent.

2.1 million jobs can be created in the first 10 years.

This dedicated effort on renewables would reach new frontiers.

This act will give the majority of Americans a financial benefit

In the form of a carbon dividend to be spent as they see fit.


According to a Pew Research Center survey,

Taken in June 2020, 79 percent of Americans say,

“The priority of our country’s energy supply should be,

developing alternative sources such as wind and solar energy.”


So, with bipartisan support across our country,

And even our friends to the North, the polar bears agree,

the Energy Innovation Act is a worthy cause.

We thank you for your help with this purpose and offer our applause.


Sincerely, with unity we hope to embody,

The Winona Chapter of Citizen’s Climate Lobby


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