Advice taken


From: Dick Smith

I wrote an article, which appeared in the December 16 edition of the Winona Post, that a Trump supporter, Paul Krage, found quite offensive. First, thank you Paul for acknowledging that your President lies more than a lot. And I love the way you spun it around to blame some of the opposition for also lying, so his lies are OK. I can almost accept that, but don’t forget that Trump is the leader of the free world and should tell ZERO lies. You blame the media for giving him negative press. It is not bad press, it is the fact that they are reporting negative things because almost everything he does is negative and they are merely reporting those actions. You ask me what I know that you don’t: Paul, you know as much as I do. The big difference being, that I know right from wrong and good from bad, which seems hard for Trump backers to fathom. You ask who we should vote for in the next election; that is a hard one because we don’t even know who is running. The best answer I can give you at this stage is to vote for ANYONE but Trump. Hopefully by that time, he will be wearing an orange jump suit and will be nothing but a nightmare put to rest. I could go on and on replying to Mr. Krage’s submission, but I remember when I was a very young lad, my daddy told me, “never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.” Advice taken!


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