You can help build the wall


From: Paul B. Double

It is time to send a message loud and clear as “build the wall” is falling on deaf ears in Washington! How can I — in Winona, Minn. — send a message that will be heard?

Your local investment of just under $1 will cause ripples across the country by each of us simply going to our local building supply store and purchasing one eight-inch by eight-inch by 16-inch standard cement block and delivering it to your local Democratic or DFL campaign headquarters or their federal candidate office. Every purchase of 45 will help build a wall 30 feet high! More important they will want and need to deliver them if they are to follow our instructions for the southern wall and of course they always do what we want, right.

For those of you in Winona, the Winona County DFL headquarters is at 685 West Fifth Street; very convenient! We might even want to wear our yellow safety vests for the delivery because safety is first and foremost at the top of our agenda!

As a plus, our state can spend more because it will get the added sales tax on the blocks purchased to support New Year initiatives here at home!


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