Matter of Faith: A crisis


From: Jamie Smith

So we have a crisis: a culmination of faith that must be addressed. It must be addressed by any who care for truth. If caring for the truth must remain subordinate to the status quo, then one must face that fact.

Over the last three articles, there has been put forth an irreproachable conclusion as to God’s thoughts in the following verses:

1 Cor. 15:21-22: “For since, in fact, through a human came death, through a Human, also, comes the resurrection of the dead. For even as, in Adam, all [humans] are dying, thus also, in Christ, shall all [humans] be vivified.”

The words are correctly used. The structure is clear. The meaning is plainly stated.
Atheists can see clearly what is put forth. They will be honest and declare that they just do not believe it.

Many who are raised in a Christian tradition will attempt to twist the meaning and deny that God adheres to the law of language. If that were so, then gaining knowledge from written words is not possible. If accepted laws for using language are abandoned when the idea in view conflicts with tradition, we will have factions and sects.

Ga. 5:19-21: “Now apparent are the works of the flesh, which are ... factions ... sects ... and the like of these, which, I am predicting to you, according as I predicted also, that those committing such things shall not be enjoying the allotment of the kingdom of God.”

We should not be engaging in these things, yet look at the factions, sects, synods and denominations today. According to Paul, participation in those activities will cause a forfeiture of an allotment in the kingdom of God. Such a one does not forfeit Body membership or salvation. But the reigning and ruling in the celestials is lost. There will be no participation in God’s government. All works at the dais of Christ will be burned up leaving little left that is acceptable.

1 Cor. 11:19: “For it must be that there are sects also among you, that those also who are qualified may be becoming apparent among you.”

You yourself should seek to become qualified. That is an often lonely but worthy endeavor. That’s what I think anyway.


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