Lions, tigers, and pit bulls — oh my!


From: Abby Wickboldt

Recently I was taking my Australian shepard/beagle mix, Ping Ping, on an afternoon jaunt, when we came across two dogs inside a fence. At first, I noticed just the one, as it was barking rather ferociously, but as soon as I noticed the other it was almost too late. The second one came barreling toward us, and my worst fears were suddenly a reality when the dog came right through the fence! I barely had enough time to toss my coffee I had just purchased to the ground and pick up my dog before this white pit bull could chomp down on her. I am talking about one more second and my sweet little dog would have been a goner! Luckily, my dog was saved; however, the dog bit me — right in the rear! Looking back on the situation, I should have called the police and filed a report. I didn’t. mainly because I just wanted to get out of there because I wasn’t quite sure where the two dogs had gone. Once I got around the house I spotted a lady at the back door I assumed was the owner of the dog and from across the street I yelled a few unkind words at her. She apologized, but would an apology be enough had I just watched my dog get eaten by hers? This is the third time that my dog and I have been attacked by pit bulls while walking down the city sidewalk. This is the first time that I have gotten bit. This has created anxiety for me and now, since being bit, I am uncertain I will be able to joyfully take my dog for a walk, if even at all. I see random pit bulls out wandering around more than any other dog and I am just wondering why people are having such a hard time keeping these natural born killers from getting loose? I realize that people that own these terrors of a dog think they are the kindest animals and wouldn’t hurt a fly, but how would they feel if a tiger came along and ate their precious pit bull right in front of their eyes? I feel it is time that something is done to ensure these dogs, capable of killing small kids and others’ pets, should be either banned from living within city limits or have it be mandated that anyone who owns one needs to have a city inspector come to their home and make sure they have the proper measurements in place to keep these dogs from viciously attacking anyone and any animal. Why wait until it is too late? 


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