Winona must cut spending


From: Mary Reoh

Patrick Marek’s “Publisher’s Post” in the December 12, 2018, edition of the Winona Post did my heart a world of good. It eloquently spoke to my deep concern about rising taxes in the city of Winona. I applaud his view and encourage our city leaders to take the time to thoughtfully read and consider the wisdom contained therein.

Many things were taken into consideration when I chose Winona as my retirement destination. Having previously lived here for many years, I knew what kind of city Winona was and felt its tax structure would enable me to continue to live in my accustomed manner. While fully understanding that nothing remains static, I surely did not anticipate that taxes would increase at such an astounding rate.

Spending $23 million on a parks plan boggles my mind. I can’t get past the perceived need for that sort of spending. I don’t contest improvements but I balk at what I see as run-away spending. It appears that the hole in the top of the cookie jar is big enough for both hands now.

As things go, my retirement precisely coincided with the serious stock market troubles in 2009. The value of my 401K and IRA plummeted. That hit continues to reverberate in my life every time Winona taxes increase. I have to worry, too, about my friends in Winona and the community at large. What do we do when we can no longer afford to live here?

It is long past time for city leaders to begin to seriously look at ways to cut spending. It is necessary to understand how all of these tax increases are impacting Winona’s citizens at the lower end of the economic scale. Everyone needs to be considered in order for Winona to be a truly great city.


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