Lions believe in miracles


From: Past District Governor Jack Krage

Lions International president made these observations as he traveled throughout the world. I feel that the general public would be interested in reading about these individual stories. Lions are often asked: “What do you do with all that money you raise?” President Al Brandel’s comments will shed light on this..

I believe in miracles. I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

Earlier this year when I visited Nairobi, Kenya, I met a mother who saw the faces of her children clearly for the first time. She could see because she had received a cornea transplant at the Lions Sight-First Eye Hospital.

I also met a young boy there, who was not doing well in school, but his grades had miraculously improved and now he hopes to become a medical doctor. He did better in school because he had been through a Lions AIDS and vision screening and his new eyeglasses allowed him to learn.

In Burkina Faso, I saw a group of Roman Catholic nuns who were able to care for abandoned babies only because local Lions supported them with donations of food, supplies and money.

Following the horrible earthquake in China I witnessed a miracle of organization and cooperation. Lions Clubs International was able to maintain a constant presence in the devastated zone because volunteers from some of our newest clubs took responsibility for a specific 10-day period to be relieved by volunteers from another club, who also stayed for 10 days. The Lions of China kept this rotation going for as long as was needed.

We Lions perform miracles such as these every day – but what does it take to make a miracle? I believe it takes the three “H’s” – head, heart and hands. Every time a new member joins one of our clubs we add one head with which to dream, one heart with which to care and two hands with which to serve.

As the earthquake in China, the AIDS epidemic in Africa and poverty and blindness around the globe demonstrate, the world does not give us challenges in convenient, manageable sizes. To remain effective we must continually increase our capacity for service.

I am very pleased that over the past two years we have increased our ability to serve by thousands of heads, hearts and hands. As of October, there are 4,047 more Lions Club members worldwide than at the same point last year.


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