Conserving energy


From: Ruth Edens

I so much enjoy Janet Lewis Burns’ column in the Post, and was heartened by the recent one about energy. It’s so important that we in the U.S. understand what we must do to decrease our consumption. We can all participate by doing simple things, like recycling. One can or bottle recycled saves enough energy to light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours. Recycled paper uses 65% less energy and saves millions of trees. Perhaps the biggest impact we can make this time of year is turning our thermostat down 2 degrees. I read recently that when they turned down the heat 5 degrees on the weekends at the United Nations building in New York City they enjoyed a savings of $50,000 a month! And really, nuclear power as it is, isn’t a viable energy source when the waste has a half- life of thousands of years. And this doesn’t address the cancer rates of people who live near the toxic mines where it begins, to those who live downwind as this power is generated. I personally think every company that creates toxic products should be required to be responsible for the waste and the recycling of it. This includes the government addressing the health issues of our military exposed to the depleted uranium weapon ammunition (now there’s “creative” recycling that is deadly)!

May I recommend Thomas Friedman’s book “Hot Flat & Crowded” which addresses the world energy problem and has some remarkably creative solutions. Ask for it at the library. Come on folks, we are all in this together.


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