Mary has a dilemma


From: Mary Zimmerman

Yes, I have a problem. I know I asked “What’s your mission?” in a past article; well I recently realized, in addition to my ministry of speeding Divine Mercy devotion and caring for my husband Jim, now God wants me to be instrumental in getting Divine Mercy images in schools and churches. It actually dates back to first getting a smaller one for the Cathedral and St. Mary’s. And perhaps you recall a very large, life-sized one (a semi-truck actually delivered it) recently obtained for the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary. Then I saw the life-size retractable ones advertised by Marian Helpers, Stockbridge, Mass., (that’s where I get my Divine Mercy material), so now the Cathedral has one of those too. God said not to stop there though, so, with the help of many donors on Mercy Sunday, Cotter School now has one. I almost have enough saved up for another; I think selling a couple more apple pies will do the trick. 

Now, here’s my dilemma. I was thinking of giving this next image to St. Stan’s School, until I happened to see Msgr. Cook yesterday. Within our conversation, the fact came up he was in dire need for a large Divine Mercy image for his parish in Rochester. So I told him I had one to give and now it was his. The next day I found out St. Stan’s School would indeed love to have it also. Now two places are in need of the image, and I have only one. Would it be too aggressive of me to ask my readers if any of you would care to donate toward an image for St. Stanislaus School? I’m sure God would bless you for doing so, He looks kindly upon a soul who helps others to know about His great mercy. Just think of all the blessings coming to all the children of St. Stan’s. Children need all the spiritual help they can get in today’s world. Jesus says, “Let the children come to me.” We see in the image Jesus is taking a step to meet us as His arm is raised in blessing toward anyone and everyone that cares enough to come and adore Him.

I’m not a salesman, or someone who comes begging for money. This request is not for me, but for the honor and glory of God. If you don’t care to donate I’ll love and pray for you just the same. I’m happy and honored to be able to make donations too, but just cannot afford the whole amount on my own. The doctor and hospital bills are still coming in from Jim and I being in nursing homes, hospitals, and senior living facilities. I have high hopes I can stay on top of the disabling illness and hospitalization for depression. At one point Jim and I were both fighting for our livelihood. 

I realize this article isn’t as spiritual as some; however, it has much potential for many graces. Jesus said to St. Faustina, “I promise that the soul that will venerate this image will not perish. I myself will defend it as my own glory.” He continued, “I am offering people a vessel with which they are to keep coming for graces … that vessel is this image with the signature, ‘Jesus I trust in you.’ By means of this image, I shall grant many graces to souls.”

Let’s put a smile on Jesus’ face. Please send donations to Sugar Loaf Senior Living, room #338, 765 Menards Road, Winona, Minn., 55987.

I just delivered the image to the pastoral center for Msgr. Cook and someone there gave me a donation toward the one for St. Stan’s School. I will order it today, trusting in God that the money will come.


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