Four-foot- high pirate is coming for Steamboat Days


Are your ready for this? A four-foot-high pirate named One-Eyed Wally will be appearing at Winona Steamboat Days in the carnival area on Saturday, June 19 from 7 - 9 p.m. In actuality, it is Homeward Bound Theatre Company presenting one of Alfy’s “World of Robotic Puppets.“

This fun-filled life size puppet will be roaming the grounds, charming everyone from 2 to 102. One-Eyed Wally will be making his joyous appearance to unsuspecting visitors to the carnival. Through the “magic” of radio control, this life-like puppet will be visiting and sharing jokes and quips with unsuspecting festival goers.

Alfy’s “World of Robotic Puppets” has received praises across the United States with appearances in fairs from the northern reaches of Minnesota to Arizona. They have also been featured at the Mall of America, St. Paul Saint’s Baseball, benefits, and numerous trade shows, and events for seniors and youth. Their version of an Irish leprechaun has been the hit of the various St. Patrick’s parades.

Winona Steamboat Days is June 16 through June 20. Buttons are on sale at Kwik Trip Stores, Severson Sinclair Stations, Hy-Vee and Midtown Foods. Button sales help support free activities and events like Alfy’s World of Robotic Puppets. For more information and to received updates go to


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