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Volleyball managers

Those who missed the organizational meeting on December 8 should stop in at the Park and Recreation office in city hall to get materials. Check over the schedule while in the office to see if the sponsor, name and phone numbers are correct.

Men’s leagues begin January 6 and women’s begin January 4 and 5.

Basketball rosters

Changes to rosters may be made until January 22 by stopping in at the Park and Recreation office. Teams leaving us only “copies” of official rosters should return the originals to the Park and Recreation office. Questions may be directed to 507-457-8258.


The women’s adult league will begin play on January 4 or 5, 2016. The men’s begin January 6, 2016. The women play on Monday and Tuesday nights while the men play on Wednesday nights. These matches are played in the evenings at the East Recreation Center and St. Stan’s gyms. There are 31 women’s teams and 20 men’s teams.

Volleyball rosters

Only individuals listed on official rosters will be allowed to participate. Men’s/women’s volleyball league official rosters need to be turned in by January 15, 2016, by 4:30 p.m. to the Park and Recreation office. Teams will forfeit their games until the roster is turned in; those games will be recorded as losses. Make sure original rosters, not copies, are turned in. Teams may add or delete to their official rosters until February 4, 2016, by stopping into the Park and Recreation office.

Broomball pick-up

Starting Tuesday, January 12, 2016, at 6 p.m. at the outdoor rink at the Bud King Ice Arena at the North end of St. Charles Street, when there is good ice and weather, free broomball pick-up games will be held. The number of participants and weather will determine how many Tuesday evenings are played. No experience is necessary. (There will be experienced players there to help the less experienced.)

The ice, goals, broom sticks, broomballs, plus two goalie helmets w/masks will be provided; players are strongly encouraged to provide a protective helmet and may bring their own broomball stick. Broomball shoes, sorrel boots, and tennis shoes are legal footwear. (Shoes with metal spikes or other “doctored” footwear are illegal.) Those with questions may call 507-457-8258 or visiti


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