Matter of Faith: Dancing our way to heaven


Just how do we dance our way to heaven? First of all, we must be in step with God. If we have misstepped along the way, we need to make an effort to get back into his love and mercy (compassion.) Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Let that be our motto.

It’s hard to realize just how much God loves us and wants us back into a relationship with Him. In this present day world, it’s hard to not get mixed up. He continues to console us to dance our way to heaven. Dance right into the arms of Jesus. 

I read and took to heart all the cards and notes your readers have sent me. It’s such an inspiration to keep close to Jesus as I dance my way to heaven.

Today was a special day for Jim and myself. Bishop Quinn visited us and brought us holy communion. How special is that? I apologized for not giving him a hug. Thank you, may God continue to bless him. Thanks again, Bishop Quinn. 


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