A Matter Of Faith: Love thy neighbor; get vaccinated


From: John Gabbert



Jesus calls each of us believers, as we read as children in the Gospel of Mark, first of all, above all, to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. He also challenges us in the next breath to love our neighbors. Which is harder? To love God, the almighty, invisible, beneficent, all present One, or our neighbors, people with human failings like us? I think it’s the latter, and I believe God planned it that way, because, when we think about it, love of our neighbors is really an act of our love of God.

Today, in a pandemic, we can love our neighbors, as called to do by Jesus Christ, second only to our love of God, and act to protect them from disease. As a community of neighbors, regardless of beliefs, our love of God is clearly tied to our willingness to love and protect one another.

Show your love of God; love your neighbors: accept the vaccine.


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