Chauvin verdict a step in the right direction


From: David Girod



Hearing the verdict in the Chauvin/Floyd trial, all I can say is, “I’m ecstatic!” I was seriously hoping for a guilty verdict. I hope Derek Chauvin spends an “enjoyable” time in prison. Each of the three counts totals 75 years. We don’t know in the end what the judge will decide for number of years. The George Floyd Act that our vice president mentioned will play and important part in police reform which this country sorely needs. Even if, as some people say, the number of bad apples in a given city’s police force is few, one is too many.

And an officer should be able to know where their Taser versus Glock is. Making a mistake, as the officer did in Brooklyn Park, resulted in the loss of an innocent Black life. Chauvin’s fellow officers, should have intervened on behalf of Mr. Floyd, even if it meant knocking out Derek. They were recent graduates, I guess, of the academy. It was their duty to stop the crime.

One final comment, I see numerous “support your local police” signs around town. I’ll support those who do their job legally, with compassion and without bias.


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