U.S. flags should be maintained with pride


From: Dennis Kupietz



Have you looked up your old flagpole lately? What do you see?

Over the years, I have traveled regularly in a 250 mile radius of here. And during that time, I have looked up many flagpoles, only to see torn and tattered or half-gone American flags dangling from their lines. And often, real often, I wonder, why would someone go through all the trouble of putting up a flagpole if they cannot care for it? Especially now, with all that is going on in the world. Next time you are out cruising, look up at your neighbor’s flagpole and you will see what I mean. Fifty percent of the flags should be disposed of. Please replace your flag regularly. Do it not only for your own self pride, but also do it for our veterans, past and present. Thank you.


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