This picture was taken the day the book was ready and sent off to be printed.  
Pictured from left are Bob Stoskopf, photographer and all-around helper; Dode Stoskopf, committee convenor and editor;  Donna Rasmussen and Linda Tripp King, computer, technical work, and researchers; and Erik Anundsen, publisher.

The history book of Mabel has been completed


The Committee for the Preservation of Mabel’s History is excited that the Mabel history book, “ONCE UPON A TOWN —Mabel Minnesota 1879-2019,” is now with the publisher. It will be available on December 6, and may be picked up at the Mabel Community Center, starting at 11 a.m. 

Dode Stoskopf, convenor of the committee, said, “It was a task that took over two years, but we now have a book of over 400 pages and hundreds of pictures.” It is not the usual history book because it is filled with the actual lives and stories that have been written by the people and yet, it includes the most important history of the town. The residents have sent in many stories and tidbits that are from their own lives. It is an interactive-type book where blank pages are provided for the reader to write their own history. While working on the book, one comment often heard was “What if all of this would not have been preserved? Who would know any of these people or what made Mabel what it is?”

There is a way to reserve a book or books for those who want to be sure they are available. How does one reserve a book? Contact Julie Kolka at 563-735-5976 or at her email at She will take your order and payment. The checks should be made out to the Hesper-Mabel Historical Society. The cost is $20 plus a $5 postage cost if the book is mailed to you. The books will be at the Community Center on December 6 and may be picked up there. 

A second day has also been set for the book to be available for sale. It is December 12 at the center. You will be informed if there are details that change in the next month.

Mabel was and is a part of many lives. It is evident that Mabel is special to those who call Mabel home, and the committee thanks the people who sent in materials for the book. Small towns are worthy of having a good history that is recorded. That could be done by anyone who wants to take on a project that would be a lasting tribute. Anyone up for the task? The committee urges you to try!


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