Senate GOP ‘totally blew it’


From: Dick Smith



Trump acquitted! Wow! A surprise to no one. The whole trial, highlighted by a stunning, shocking presentation of the president's obvious guilt in the infamous Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, was thrown aside by a show of political power by his tainted following in the Senate. The GOP Senators threw out their oath of honor for their country and brutally stomped it into the ground! 

After the vote, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell admitted that Trump was practically and morally responsible for the attack, but still voted to acquit him! McConnell claimed that because Trump was now a private citizen, it was constitutionally wrong to convict him. The irony here is that he used his power to stall and prevent the Democrats from impeaching Trump immediately after the riot, which would have made the crime a constitutional offense. He then asserted his choke hold over his Republican Senate to vote to acquit at the trial. What a crock! This horrendous act will forever be embedded in infamy in the Senate’s political legacy! 

You also have now firmly established Republicans as being associated with the Q Anon, white supremacy thugs. Your party now has a new name -  the GOPQ  party! Not a good thing! The bloodshed of the insurrection is now also on your hands. You have willingly enabled Trump to continue to wreak havoc on our country in the future — and he most certainly will! He is not going away!  

If I were in this Senate group, I would not want this deplorable episode hanging on my conscience! You had the chance to do something honest and meaningful for a nation that is still reeling from Trump’s lies and gross incompetence in dealing with the deadly pandemic. You totally blew it! Shame on you!


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