On lights, roundabouts, and pet cleanup


From: Helen L. Pacl


I was advised not to write this letter, as “it is not a big deal.” Well you, know what? To some of us, it is, and I am tired of not voicing my opinions. A few weeks ago Mike Abdoo (12/16/2020) complained about the lighted cross on the bluffs. I would like to say that that light was minimal for a few weeks before the holidays. What I would like to say is worse, is the brightly lit monstrosity that is very distracting at the new YMCA on Highway 61. I live across the highway from this blinding light that is on 24/7 and will be on every day of the year. I have to close my room darkening blinds just to not have to see it. I suffer from migraines and chronic headaches, and this light is a detriment to my physical and emotional health. It is an outrageous extravagance, (that probably cost more than my car) for a facility that was largely built on donations. There is no other light in this area of Winona which comes close to the brightness of this light. So, compared to the cross on the bluff, this is much more disturbing. And unlike the neighbors of the Huff Street Kwik Trip/WSU land swap, I did not have the option to oppose this blinding eyesore.

This is my first ever letter to the editor, so while I am at it, a few other things in Winona, where I have lived for almost 13 years ... There are not many things I can say I outright hate in this world, but roundabouts are one. If these roundabouts are put in, I will almost never be able to cross from the end of Lake Boulevard toward Kwik Trip again. It is already a challenge most times, but at least with the stop lights, I have brief moments when there is an opening to cross. I am, however, in favor of Bruce Bublitz’s suggestion of clover leafs (9/16/2020) at Highway 61 and Highway 43 that he had mentioned a few months ago. Roundabouts at the designated locations are a huge mistake due to the large amount of traffic that flows through this side of the city. Sit and watch the actual traffic, not simulations, for a few days, and you will see how bad of a decision this is. So please, look at alternative solutions. And then, there are people who use Lake Boulevard as a speedway to “save time”. The speed limit is 30 miles per hour. Please obey it, and stop endangering the lives of others.

Also, to all the people who feel that they do not have to pick up after their dogs, especially the path by Fleet Farm. It is required by law in Winona to pick up your dog’s waste. Stop creating an unhealthy environment in Winona, and be a responsible dog owner. I welcome the day that all animals are DNA-tested and irresponsible owners can be tracked and ticketed for their unlawful actions.


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