Viking View: The curse of Millie


by Mike Marek


Let us jump in the time machine for a minute. Harken back to the NFC championship game in 2018. The Vikings were still celebrating the Minneapolis Miracle, with the Philadelphia Eagles waiting in the wings to challenge Minnesota for a chance to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. We were introduced to 100-year-old, Vikings superfan Millie Wall. She was there in person to celebrate the win over the Saints, and in turn was deemed a good luck charm for Minnesota as we were set to face the Eagles. The classless Philadelphia fans who have been known to boo Santa Claus, denigrated Millie by proclaiming obscenities about her before and after the game. Well, of course, the Eagles went on to slaughter the Vikings in the game and to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl that was hosted in Minnesota. What the Vikings did next, betrayed not only Millie but the rest of the Vikings fans. They hired a key contributor from the enemy.

John DeFilippo of the Philadelphia Eagles was hired to be the offensive coordinator for the Vikings. Little did Minnesota know; they were launching a curse that would quickly reach “Defense against the Dark Arts”-level proportions. For those of you that are fans of the Harry Potter books, you will know that ever since Lord Voldemort was rejected from a teaching role at Hogwarts, no one has been able to hold the “Defense against the Dark Arts” role for more than a year. The Vikings, since jumping in bed with DeFilippo, have had the same problem with offensive coordinators.

They have gone from DeFilippo to Kevin Stefanski to Gary Kubiak. All within three years’ time. With Kubiak recently hinting at retirement it appears we are in for our fourth offensive coordinator in four years. The strange thing is, it is not like the Vikings have struggled on offense during any of the last few years; however, the inconsistency is preventing a very good unit from being great.

Imagine how hard it must be for Kirk Cousins to come in every year to a new person at the helm, not to mention Mike Zimmer having to explain his football philosophy each year to a new offensive coordinator. Even though I would imagine it is a quick conversation. Make sure you run the ball half the time, if you do not, make sure you resume is up to date.

Personally, I am rooting for Klint Kubiak to take over the top offensive spot. Word on the street is that he would intend to keep running his dad’s zone-blocking scheme with some additional exuberance. With his age, 33, and his experience working in the quarterback room, he may be just what the Vikings need to have someone surpass a one-year tenure as offensive coordinator and hopefully propel the Vikings into the upper echelon of NFL offenses.

The bottom line is, hopefully the Vikings find someone who can help bring a Super Bowl to Millie that is not affiliated with the pure rottenness of some of the foes of Minnesota past (Green Bay, Dallas, Philly, Atlanta, and New Orleans). Millie has already had to endure the Spanish flu, the coronavirus, and 56 years without a Super Bowl victory. Let us find someone who can break through the ceiling and deliver a championship to Minnesota, for Millie and the rest.


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