Winhawk swimmers give Austin a run for its money


From: Chris Mayer, Winona

Winhawk Boys Swim

and Dive head coach


Gone are the days where Jack Herczeg, Grant Wolner, Alex Jorgenson, and Tanner Lozenski would take down a pool record or two in a dual meet for the Winona Swim and Dive team. It’s now time for new Winhawk athletes to take the spotlight and make a name for themselves. Athletes such as Colin White, Julius Hanson, Charlie Miller, Brayden Coudron, Gavin Nelson, and Elijah Vieth. These six Winhawks, combined with 10 other young men, are entering a rebuilding year but will be training hard to show that they can make as big of an impact as previous athletes. They lost a tough and extremely close virtual dual meet against Austin last Tuesday, 90-89, but that has only made them hungrier for hard work and success.

For reference: Virtual meets are where each team will race at their home pool and combine times to see who won the event and eventual meet. The meet initially was to be in person but due to potential weather issues, both teams opted for a virtual meet.

We had some very good races, and I was quite pleased with how the guys swam. Going into this season, our guys knew it would be different: They would need to fill some huge shoes. We lost an incredible graduating class of seven seniors, four of which were All-Americans (top 50 in the nation), including state champion and state record holders, and three top-eight-place-earners in our section. Any team losing that amount of great athletes would struggle the next year; however, those guys have been some of the best gentlemen to come out of Winona Senior High and have instilled a work ethic and competitiveness in our team that will carry on for years. Their determination is apparent in these 16 current athletes who are ready for the challenge. It may be a small team, but there are multiple state-caliber athletes on this team and they are ready to shine and inspire the next generation of Winhawk athletes.

After combining of the events with Austin, here are some notable highlights from each event.

In the 200 medley relay, Colin White, Julius Hanson, Brayden Coudron, and Gavin Nelson turned in an impressive 1:49.31 to take second. A great start for these four, considering they are only a few seconds away from a state cut time.

Colin White joined up with teammate Charlie Miller to take first and second in the 200 freestyle with times of 2:04.02 and 2:09.90, respectively. Kyle Coudron added a valuable fifth in 2:24.20.

Elijah Vieth picked up second in the 200 individual medley with his 2:32.52, while Adam Martin and Briar Volkman added a fourth and fifth in 2:41.35 and 2:50.80, respectively.

Brayden Coudron won the 50 freestyle in 24.54 and Jared Loos and Ethan Evenson picked up those valuable fourth and fifth spots with their 27.06 and 28.56, respectively.

Sadly, we do not have any divers this year, and Austin went 1-2, a 10-0 point advantage for them.

 Julius and Brayden raced to a second and third in the 100 Butterfly in 58.75 and 59.22, respectively.

Colin added another first place finish, this time in the 100 freestyle in 55.17. Gavin Nelson took third in 55.67 and Charlie Miller added a fourth in 56.88.

Elijah won the 500 freestyle in 5:56.37. Adam Martin took second in 6:12.92. Kyle added that valuable fifth spot again, this time in 6:27.39.

The 200 freestyle relay of Jared Loos, Elijah Vieth, Briar Volkman, and Charlie Miller took Second in 1:47.67.

Gavin picked up second in the 100 backstroke in 1:05.54. Ethan was right behind him in third with 1:08.25. Caleb Reed added the valuable fifth spot in 1:18.88.

Julius took second in the 100 breaststroke in 1:10.03. Jared picked up fourth in 1:18.46, and right on his heels, in fifth, was Briar with 1:18.65.

The last event, the 400 freestyle relay, saw our guys take first and third. A great way to end the meet. Winning the event was the team of Colin White, Brayden Coudron, Gavin Nelson, and Julius Hanson in 3:44.50. Taking third was Elijah Vieth, Charlie Miller, Kyle Coudron, and Ethan Evenson in 4:05.29.

A close loss, but a great night with some great racing. Our guys will continue to get in shape and hone their skills, ever willing and hungry for the next opportunity to go racing.


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