Trump egged on Capitol riot


From: David Girod



As today’s events unfold — protesters and instigators stormed the nation’s Capitol — I was shocked and horrified. I truly believe that these thousands of people were riled up by our sitting president, Trump. I saw on TV where Trump gave a speech to the assembled throng of misguided people. He said, “We’ll walk together up to the Capitol.” He didn’t go with them.

I wonder what the response by police would have been if he had joined them? He egged them on. To President Frump, I say, “Give it up. The people have spoken; don’t be a whiner.” In some circles, including Republicans, a call was made to maybe initiate the 25th Amendment, suggesting he may not be fit for the office anymore. Also amongst some industrial groups a similar request was made. One woman was shot by police.

Even though it’s two weeks until the inauguration of Biden, I suggest it would be a good idea. Otherwise what will Trump do as a last ditch effort to reclaim his “throne”?

Also, we need better security in our nation’s capital.


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