Old Main: Twesme Family Award


Dorothy Twesme, retired Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau (G-E-T) English teacher and librarian, has named the Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center in Galesville in her will to receive a bequest that will fund the “Twesme Family Past and Future Horizons Award” to a graduating high school senior who writes a paper that encourages reading about the past to envision the future.

The paper will recall that George Gale — who founded Galesville, Galesville University, and Trempealeau County — read Sir Walter Scott’s nine volume autobiography at age 16 and continued reading as the foundation for his later work. The paper will also review the biography of someone important to the award candidate and offer a vision of what the candidate would like to accomplish in the future. The award will be a scholarship in the amount of $750. G-E-T students who desire information about the award may contact high school guidance counselor, Abby Fernan Harker. The competitive, academic award is designed to honor students who love to read, think and write. The award winner will be named at a school event and it will be presented to the winner at Old Main on Founders Day in Galesville.

Dorothy Twesme presently lives at the Las Ventanas Senior Living Community in Las Vegas, Nev. The Twesme Family award will be funded from the bequest of Tom Twesme until such time as the bequest from Dorothy is received. The award honors the family of Dorothy’s late husband, Albert L. Twesme; his parents, Albert T. and Lou Twesme; and their descendants. Dorothy became very active with Ken Kopp and others in the founding of the present Old Main Historical and Community Arts Center during the earliest days of the Old Main restoration. She continues to express an active interest in Galesville, the building, and in the program development at Old Main.


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