Foster care during a pandemic


From: Elizabeth Martinka

The need for foster parents is not something new with the pandemic. But the current situation has made it more difficult for both the individuals responsible for finding placement for these children as well as the foster families that have in the past been available. With everyone being affected by changes brought on by the pandemic, those who have traditionally provided foster care for children in our community are now less available.

There is a need now for more foster parents willing to help temporarily provide a home for these children. While some children need care for longer amounts of time, there are also options for providing short-term or respite care. If you have the means and accommodations to help, please consider becoming a foster parent. Information about becoming licensed, as well as a list of requirements and contact information is available through the Winona County Human Services website at

The need for more foster parents is greater now more than ever with COVID-19. Please consider becoming a foster parent.


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