Creatively made fidget blankets foster contentment


Jana Ruhoff of Altura generously created and donated fidget blankets to the Winona Health Foundation, which will be used by those receiving hospice care.

“I’ve never made a fidget blanket, but I found some ideas online and decided to give it a try,” said Ruhoff. “I like to sew and I have a lot of supplies — this seems like a good way to use them.”

Fidget blankets are lap-sized blankets with things like zippers, buttons, snaps and beads and other items that can provide tactile stimulation. Fidgeting can reduce anxiety and calm restlessness for those who have Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia or for those who like to keep their hands busy.

“These are welcomed gifts,” said Jodi Olson, licensed social worker and hospice volunteer coordinator. “Some people are visibly more content when they have a fidget blanket to keep their hands busy.”

All donations to Winona Health are made through the Winona Health Foundation. To learn more about the Winona Health Foundation, visit, or contact the Winona Health Foundation at 507-457-4394.

For information about Winona Health Winona Area Hospice Services, visit or call 507-457-4468.


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