Miller: My record speaks for itself


From: Jeremy Miller

Minnesota State Senator


Well, here we go again. You probably remember in 2016 when my opponent admittedly distributed false campaign literature about my voting record. Four years later, I have a new opponent, but the same negative tactics are being used. This time my opponent and her allies are attempting a letter to the editor smear campaign to spread false information about my record.

In a recent letter, Emilio DeGrazia said that I do not support local schools and I refuse to vote for bonding bills. Looking at the facts, this information is absolutely false.

If you review the Minnesota Management and Budget website, the state’s non-partisan fiscal agent, you’ll see the most recent bipartisan budget passed by the House and Senate increased education funding by over $1.2 billion or 6.8 percent. I voted “YES.”

When it comes to local infrastructure projects, Mr. Degrazia’s comments are so false that they are laughable. I’m proud of the local infrastructure projects that I’ve helped get done, including Education Village, the Lanesboro Dam, the Southeast Minnesota Veterans Cemetery, state funding for a new veterans home in Southeast Minnesota, Chatfield Center for the Arts, and funding for local road and bridge projects are just some of the accomplishments.

The letter also said I vote “NO” on bonding bills, which once again, is false. Using the Senate bill tracker website, you will see I voted “YES” this session on a fiscally responsible, geographically balanced, bipartisan bonding bill that focused on core infrastructure projects like roads and bridges, water and sewer projects, and asset preservation. This bill included several projects for Southeast Minnesota.

In committee, I voted “NO” on a fiscally irresponsible, hyper-partisan amendment offered by Senator Sandy Pappas (DFL-St. Paul) that heavily favored Minneapolis and St. Paul over the rest of the state. Based on comments from my opponent and her allies, it appears they support the irresponsible, hyper-partisan, Minneapolis/St. Paul proposal, which should be very concerning to the voters in Fillmore, Houston, and Winona counties.

While my opponent and her allies try to mislead voters with false information, I will continue to stay above the fray and focus on getting things done. There will undoubtedly be more false information coming, so if you have questions about the facts, please call me at 507-452-2067. I look forward to continuing to listen and work together with you to help make Southeast Minnesota an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.


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