Local bars need our money


From: Carolyn Price



Minnesota bar ordinances are “bass ackwards.” Wisconsin bars opened up full force weeks ago. I drink in the bars and I like to gamble. I have talked to and with a lot of Minnesotans who also visit Wisconsin bars. We all miss our Minnesota bars. We all miss our socialization and our gambling.

Because of our state’s new ordinance, we are supposed to sit in parking lots or on the sidewalks at picnic tables. Everyone knows you cannot take gambling tickets outside that bar door. They won’t be honored.

This new plan was voted on and approved. I can say that I really don’t think any of these people really support our local small-town bars.

This letter is not to “slam” any political person, organization, or government person. We just want someone to listen to our voices. We all feel that nobody is listening to us.

We, the drinkers of Minnesota, want our bars open in full force just like Wisconsin. We want to sit in the bars and socialize with other drinkers. We want to support our local drinking establishments. All of our small-town bars need to make a living too.

We want to spend our Minnesota money on Minnesota gambling. Our news people on television tell us to support our local community businesses. Well, let me tell you, we want to. But because of the new “relax zoning laws” we cannot.

What is it going to take to fully reopen our bars?

If the COVID virus isn’t in Wisconsin bars, what makes the Minnesota lawmakers think it will be in Minnesota bars? We really just want to be heard and get answers to our questions.

Please open our local bars, indoors, full force, so we can spend our Minnesota money in Minnesota.

Also, what about the local retirees who want to visit with others of the same age group at 8 or 9 a.m.? This is one of their venues of socialization that the Minnesota government has taken away. What about the third-shift person that has busted his or her butt all night in one of our local factories that just want to have a cold beer with other third shifters?

This ordinance is not for any of these people. There is no air conditioning at a picnic table. Not all jobs are air conditioned. Not all people have the luxury of living in an air conditioned place.

I am only one voice but I write for many. We want to be heard and we want our Minnesota bars open indoors, full-force. All day, every day. We are politely asking for someone to listen and do something. We like our local bar owners and we don’t want to see them go out of business due to simple “politics.”

Winona has lost so many other businesses that it would be a shame if we lost our small local bars as well.

Let’s keep our bar owners in business. Let’s keep their employees employed. Let’s keep our Minnesota money in Minnesota.

We need to save our local small-town drinking establishments.


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