A good Super Bowl, our target next year


by Mark Metzler

The Chiefs and 49ers game that held so much promise turned out to be a very good Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes finally putting it together in the fourth quarter to lead the Chiefs to a 31-20 victory.

It was a great comeback and fun to watch. It was clear the two best teams in the league played. It was also clear that both teams were well coached. Congratulations to Andy Reid. It’s good to see a former Packers’ assistant coach get the win.

Of course, the game has become a spectacle for a number of reasons, including the halftime show and the commercials. The show put on by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez wasn’t for me. And it was interesting that FOX did a lot of self-promoting with commercials. I’m guessing the network didn’t sell as many commercials as it would have liked. I did like the Jeep commercial with Bill Murray and the groundhog, putting a new twist on “Groundhog Day.” There were some other good spots, too. I liked the Walmart commercial highlighting pickup at their stores. And I thought the Mountain Dew commercial with Bryan Cranston was really good. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the Squarespace Winona Ryder commercial. I was hoping for something better for Winona. At least, I was hoping for something representative.

I understand why the company that produced the Winona Ryder Super Bowl ad did what it did. They think the quirkiness will sell websites. Probably. They wanted to show anyone can put together a website. OK. With that in mind, I’d say the ad was successful. Squarespace had no intention to sell Winona, but it could have met its goal and highlighted Winona as well. It’s too bad. With a little more work and a little more vision they could have turned the quirkiness into something truly enchanting, something magical. That’s what Winona is – magical, enchanting, and a special place.

But to show that, Squarespace would have needed to take it to the next level, and they would have had to work a little harder. It’s the same for the Vikings or the Packers as both teams look ahead. Show a little more vision. Work harder. Oh, and don’t get injured.

What do the Packers need in 2021 to make it to the Super Bowl? First, they need two wide receivers. Luckily, it is one of the deepest wide receiver classes in years. Those weapons should be available, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Packers go there in the first two rounds.

The Packers could use a tight end. Jimmy Graham is done. Jace Sternberger played well in the NFC championship game. Maybe he can be a top tight end. I wouldn’t expect the Packers to bet on that. I think the team will sign a free agent. There are a couple good ones available. Austin Hooper of the Falcons and Hunter Henry of the Chargers would be good.

The Packers need another linebacker to complement Blake Martinez. There are a few capable linebackers out there. If the Packers re-sign Martinez, a linebacker will wait, but, if they don’t, I see an early round pick going there. A lot of people think that if Oklahoma linebacker Kenneth Murray is available when the Packers pick in the first round that he will be the guy. I agree, if he’s available. For the record, I don’t see the Packers re-signing Martinez.

I do see Bryan Bulaga coming back for one more year, and I think the Packers will get another offensive lineman in the middle rounds. I also see the Packers re-signing defensive tackle Kenny Clark to an extension.

I think the surprise of the draft might be that you will see the Packers take a quarterback before the end of the fourth round. There are some good ones out there who may fall down the board. While he doesn’t necessarily have a big arm, look to Georgia’s Jake Fromm to be a target. He’s smart, and he’s a winner. Remember Aaron Rodgers is the age Brett Favre was when the Packers picked Rodgers. It would be nice to get an eventual replacement. But that might be too much to ask. After all, the Packers have operated with essentially two quarterbacks since 1992 – Favre and Rodgers. What a blessing.

But, what do I know? I’m just a fan who loves the Packers. Just like all of you. Thanks for reading my column this year. Next year, I’m hoping for the Super Bowl.


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